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doc Definition of over
    English to English
  • Upper; covering; higher; superior; also, excessive; too much or too great; -- chiefly used in composition; as, overshoes, overcoat, over- garment, overlord, overwork, overhaste.
  • source: Webster 1913
  • (cricket) the division of play during which six balls are bowled at the batsman by one player from the other team from the same end of the pitch
  • source: WordNet 3.0
  • A certain number of balls (usually four) delivered successively from behind one wicket, after which the ball is bowled from behind the other wicket as many times, the fielders changing places.
  • source: Webster 1913
  • Above, or higher than, in place or position, with the idea of covering; -- opposed to under; as, clouds are over our heads; the smoke rises over the city.
  • source: Webster 1913
  • at or to a point across intervening space etc.
  • Come over and see us some time.
    Over there.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • throughout an area
  • He is known the world over.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • throughout a period of time
  • Stay over the weekend.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • beyond the top or upper surface or edge; forward from an upright position
  • A roof that hangs over.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • over the entire area
  • The wallpaper was covered all over with flowers.
    She ached all over.
    Everything was dusted over with a fine layer of soot.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • From one side to another; from side to side; across; crosswise; as, a board, or a tree, a foot over, i. e., a foot in diameter.
  • source: Webster 1913
    adjective satellite
  • having come or been brought to a conclusion
  • The harvesting was complete.
    The affair is over, ended, finished.
    The abruptly terminated interview.
    source: WordNet 3.0
    English to Tagalog
  • [óver] Sa ibabaw
  • source: Diccionario Ingles-Español-Tagalog
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